Steve's photographic journey began in 1993 when he was at cross junction of choosing to a Civil servant career or an all new path to something he yearn to do since young - to have a part in the art & graphic industry. Today's imagery industry  requires the Photographer to be knowledgable in applying various tools to his advantage, Steve makes sure he does by staying  hungry for unconventional ways he could experiment to include in his workflow.

3D / CGI Compositing 

An early darkroom enthusiast , Steve was elated to the idea he could do more in comfort of brightness with 2D manipulation software. However,  it didn't take long that he discovered 2D restrictive in further his advertising work . The ability to seamlessly integrate real life imagery with CGI has render his imagination beyond discipline Photography. 


Singapore is an island state merely 750 sq km and the highest elevation 175 ft above sea level.

It is almost a miracle that this place thrills with many opportunity to experience culture  traffics from all over the world. Among them, the intrigue world of photography is watch , learn & evolved.


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